Moore’s Grove United Methodist Church is located in the “median” of U.S. 64 East (Chimney Rock Road). It is across the highway from Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Our church was formed in the early 1890s in the Clear Creek communityThe oldest grave dates from 1894.

The cemetery contains the graves of member of the Graves, Rhymer, Phillips, Corn, Harper, Mintz, Hill, Gilreath, Elliott, Vaughn, Garren, Justus, Johnson, Prestwood, Featherstone, Lyda, Edney, Green, Coston, and Cagle families, among others.

The grave site of John David Green who served in the Spanish-American War is at the cemetery. Military records prove that a military headstone was ordered for Green and placed at this cemetery, but the headstone is not visible today.

Five Confederate soldiers and one man who served with the Union have grave sites at the cemetery.

Asbury H. Gilreath enlisted in the 64th N.C. Infantry Regiment, Co. E, on 7-15-1862. He was captured 9-9-1863 at Cumberland Gap, Tenn., a prisoner at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Ill., and released 5-17-1865. He died in 1913.

Andrew Columbus Maxwell enlisted in the 25th N.C. Infantry Regiment, Co. A, Edney’s Greys, on 5-15-1861. He was appointed third lieutenant 8-14-1862. He was court-martialed and cashiered from the unit on or about 11-12-1862. The reason for the court martial was not reported. He enlisted in the 7th Battalion N.C. Cavalry on 5-1-1863. On 8-3-1863, this battalion was consolidated into the 65th Regiment N.C. Troops (6th Regiment N.C. Cavalry). He was appointed third lieutenant 7-1-1864. He served through the war. He died in 1900.

Allen Robertson enlisted in the 25th N.C. Infantry Regiment, Co. A, Edney’s Greys, on 5-15-1861 at the age of 38. He was discharged 2-13-1863 by reason of being over age. He re-enlisted 6-17-1863. He was wounded in the left thigh at Petersburg during the Siege of Petersburg. He served through the war. He died in 1910.

Panavat Woody  Vaughn enlisted in the 56th N.C. Infantry Regiment, Co. G, Henderson Rifles, on 4-12-1862. He was captured 4-1-1865 at the Battle of Five Forks during the Appomattox Campaign, a prisoner at Hart’s Island, New York harbor, and released 6-17-1865. He died in 1918.

Simeon W. Vaughn enlisted in the 1st Battalion N.C. Junior Reserves, Co. C, on 4-30-1864. There are no further military records. He died in 1904.

Manson H. Gilreath enlisted in the Union’s 3rd N.C. Mounted Infantry on 3-1-1865, a month before the war ended. A Confederate military record could not be found. He died in 1919.

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